Meet Dr. Elliott

Dr. Elliott was raised in Bristol, Tennessee he graduated from East High School (1986), East Tennessee State University (B.S. 1990), University of Tennessee, Memphis (D.D.S. 1994), and finally, from Case Western Reserve University (M.S.D. 1998).

Dr. Elliott has continually advanced his technical expertise throughout his career and incorporates skills which allow him to perform painless root canal therapy in a single, one-hour appointment. 

He not only performs the root canal procedure, but he also prepares the tooth for future crown placement, when applicable. What this means, is that when your root canal therapy is completed, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and filled inside and out, with no remaining decay and no temporary filling. In other words, if your tooth was a junkyard car, Dr. Elliott not only rebuilds the engine, but he also does all the body work too. Your dentist will do the final paint job when you are ready. This policy insures that your tooth will be strong and healthy until you are able to receive the final restoration from your trusted dentist. Traditionally, endodontists simply perform their root canal therapy and fill the top of your tooth with a cotton pellet and temporary filling. This (traditional) temporary technique forces you to seek your final restoration almost immediately or risk contamination or breakage of your tooth. Dr. Elliott does not use this method simply because he wants to protect your investment in your root canal therapy and he wants to make your dentist’s restorative efforts easier and more efficient by doing the difficult (and time-consuming) foundational work for them. This unique practice philosophy gets your tooth healthy quicker, protects your tooth from breakage, allows you more time to receive a permanent crown, and facilitates your dentist’s efforts to make you a quality crown that will be both esthetic and durable. Durable and dependable dental work should  be the ultimate goal of every dentist. This is an example of how Dr. Elliott strives to exceed expectations of both his patients and his referring dentists.

My staff and I recognize the disposable mentality of our world today. We take extra efforts to buck this trend. Oddly, we actually sincerely care about quality and durability and long-term success. I was taught that if you do more than what is expected, your business will always be healthy. My team and I happen to work on teeth, but I believe the same principle should apply to every business – exceed expectations and never cut corners.”